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The Secret that Big Oil Doesn't want YOU to Know...

You are About to Learn about a Technology that is so Revolutionary and Simple that You will be Amazed that it has been Suppressed for Over 30 Years!


 ... After receiving patents for his water fuel cell, Stanley Meyer, finally received a $50 million contract from two Belgian investors ...

... After being persuaded to celebrate the occasion at a local restaurant on a cool, crisp evening March 20th, 1998. Stanley, his brother Stephen and two Belgian investors raised glasses ... 

... They toasted on the business venture. Stanley took a sip of cranberry juice. Then he grabbed his neck, made for the door, dropped to his knees and vomited violently. His brother asked: “What’s wrong?” Stanley last words: “They poisoned me...”.

Stanley Meyer's story is only one of a long list of hard-working inventors who wanted to help solve our energy problems ... except in every instance they were bought out, or their prototypes stolen or otherwise threatened if they continued their work.

Similarly tragic stories can be found of Yull Brown, Francisco Pacheco, Edward Estevel, Sam Leach, Rodger Billings, as well as Archie Blue ... who refused a $500 million offer from Arab interests but still has not been able to bring his product to market ... until now!

Patents of these pioneers are now starting to exceed the time limits of their respective patents and are becoming part of the public domain. As we speak now, companies and individuals are developing products based on this research ...

The purpose of this letter is not to alarm you ... only to enlighten you. You are among an elite group of hard-working Americans who are learning the truth. We need your help to spread the truth.

Introducing the 3T Hybrid from 
Water Fuel Cell Technologies

Benefits of our water fuel cell...

  • Drive up to twice as far on a tank of gas ... Imagine passing up the gas station again and again ... all the while with a smile on your face because you discovered a profound truth.

  • Works on ALL makes and models ... gasoline and diesel engines ... even large tractor-trailers (they will benefit the most).

  • You suddenly notice that your vehicle has more pep, like it did when you first bought it,  as you easily pass that painfully slow driver that was holding up all the traffic.

  • No need to worry about failing any emissions tests - no matter how strict - because you will be burning half the fuel and eliminating virtually all carbon monoxide and hydro-carbon emissions. It also reduces nitrous oxide up to 8 times than without.

  • No need to pay for engine cleaning service typically offered at oil change businesses for up to $130 ... the hydrogen produced by the water fuel cell will burn every drop of fuel as well as burn the pre-existing carbon build-up.

  • The US government will even give you a tax credit for this fuel saver ... IRS form 8911 clearly defines this as a qualifying alternative fuel.

  • The operating temperature is actually lowered ... less energy is wasted. This ultimately allows your engine and related parts to last longer ... saving you precious dollars on maintenance costs.

  • The lower operating temperature also allows for longer use of oil before it breaks down and needs to be changed ... saving you time and money.

  • Eliminates  knocks and pings ... you can actually hear your engine run noticeably smoother. This system effectively raises the octane in your fuel ... without actually paying the extra cost for premium fuel.

  • Our product alone is the safest on the market  for you and your family (I'll tell you more about that later).

  • Easy to install ... 98% of our customers install this system their selves. As a comparison; if you can install a stereo system you can install this. Otherwise, you can hire someone to do it for you in a couple of hours.

  • Can be easily transferred to a second vehicle ... The investment of this system can stretch into your next vehicle; therefore, it's value is not limited to your current vehicle.

Avoid the Possible Oil Apocalypse

Some experts envision the following as a possible future scenario... 

Within the next few years, we  could see $8 a gallon or more in gasoline and diesel prices as energy-hungry third-world countries continue to demand more and more oil, in addition to what the United States already demands, such that oil producers and refiners can't keep up.

The SUV owner will have to cough up nearly $300 just to fill-up (unless you get the 3T Hybrid now) ... Farms will no longer be able to produce food cheaply ... trucking costs will rise dramatically ... an economic recession is certain. With so many products dependant on gasoline, either for delivery or manufacture, the prices of the basic necessities in life will sky-rocket.

The cost of transportation will shoot up beyond the reach of most consumers and manufacturers ... businesses and even fortune 500 companies will begin to fail ... This inevitably would lead to a full blown depression as people lose their jobs and their houses ... 

I realize that this is a dark scenario ... and I'm sorry for that ... but this is a worse case scenario that is possible unless ... we have a plan B.

A Global Plan B

The solution has got to be hydrogen. No other source of energy is more abundant, concentrated with energy, clean and viable now and in the future.

The oil cartel wants us to develop a hydrogen infrastructure much like the current system of gasoline and diesel fuel ... supplying hydrogen via hydrogen filling stations, like the current gas stations. 

But storing hydrogen is very dangerous and the hydrogen fuel cell is very expensive (prototypes exist for about $80,000) but will not be ready for mass production for about 20 years. 

That's too long ... we can't wait 20 years for that technology!

Why would the oil cartel want to develop this inefficient system? ... Because this keeps them "in the loop" as we would need to buy their hydrogen and we would still be subject to their energy prices.

However, water fuel cell technology is available now! Imagine someday filling up on a tank of water ... talking about miles per gallon would be a moot point because  water is cheap and abundant.

Hydrogen is available now as a source of supplemental fuel. And you can bet that companies are working on developing a car that will run totally on water .... but it will probably be a few years before it is ready for the market. 

But this is only possible if we see it is as a viable product and work to bring it to fruition some time in the near future.

After all, we are the same nation that safely landed men on the moon and brought them back safely ... we CAN do this!

But right now supplemental-hydrogen combustion is available ... 

Imagine yourself, for a moment, at a small gathering of friends as you start to tell one of your friends how much fuel you are saving and that it adds up to tremendous savings at the fuel pump.

As you are telling your friend about this you realize that there is an acute silence in the room, except your own voice, because every ear in the room is intrigued by what you are saying ... 

Then you suddenly remember that commercial that used to come on TV ... "When E.F. Hutton speaks ... everyone listens" ... You will be the next E.F. Hutton.


You Lied! LOL I'm getting better mileage already and I just installed it last week!

My 3T isn't broken in yet and I'm already getting 48 miles per gallon in my Chevy truck! I figured that's a 137% increase!

If I'm doing this now, what's it gunna be after the 180 hour break in? LOL

I'll be ordering another for the wife's car real soon. Thanks for a great product.

BTW I do have one complaint, it would be nice if you had pictures or a video of the installation, but still, you guys have a great product and I can tell you really put a lot of experience into it.

~ G. Hornbeck - Denver, CO

Scientific Studies Prove It

In the early eighties George Vosper, Professional Engineer, ex-professor of Dynamics and Canadian inventor, designed and patented a device to transform internal combustion engines to run on Hydrogen. He later affirms: "A small amount of Hydrogen added to the air intake of a gasoline engine would enhance the flame velocity and thus permit the engine to operate with leaner air to gasoline mixture than otherwise possible. The result, far less pollution with more power and better mileage."

Roy MacAlister, Professional Engineer of the American Hydrogen Association states the "Use of mixtures of Hydrogen in small quantities and conventional fuels offers significant reductions in exhaust emissions" and that "Using Hydrogen as a combustion stimulant it is possible for other fuels to meet future requirements for lower exhaust emissions in California and an increasing number of additional states. Relatively small amounts of Hydrogen can dramatically increase horsepower and reduce exhaust emissions."

California Environmental Engineering (CEE) has tested this technology and found reduction on all exhaust emissions. They subsequently stated: "CEE feels that the result of this test verifies that this technology is a viable source for reducing emissions and fuel consumption on large diesel engines."

Using various fuels, have shown that flame speeds increase when small amounts of Hydrogen are added to air-fuel mixes. A study by the California Institute of Technology, at its Jet Propulsion Lab Pasadena, in 1974 concluded:

The J.P.L. concept has unquestionably demonstrated that the addition of small quantities of gaseous Hydrogen to the primary gasoline significantly reduces CO and NOx exhaust emissions while improving engine thermal efficiency

The American Hydrogen Association Test Lab tested this technology and proved that: "Emissions test results indicate that a decrease of toxic emissions was realized."

R. Steven Burnett,President/CEO and Founder of Protium Fuel Systems has stated:

"The Hybrid of the future will NOT be the gasoline/electric or diesel/electric you see on the show room floors today, but rather a Hydrogen injected gasoline or diesel engine, and later, the Hydrogen electric vehicle. This, and the 100% "Hydrogen On Demand" system, is the only future for the automobile or any power plant of our children and grand children."

"By the comparatively inexpensive addition of a Hydrogen injection system to any vehicle running on any other fuel, economy results are the same and in some cases better than that of the 'hybrid electric' of today."

"Hydrogen injection systems require less maintenance due to the lack of complex electrical systems or additional weight of electric motors, batteries or computers that cause the 'hybrid electric' to only be feasible on lighter, commuter vehicles with far less performance ability."

"The Hydrogen Hybrid is more economical and less polluting than a hybrid gasoline/electric or diesel/electric. The Hydrogen Hybrid has more power, has cleaner exhaust, is more versatile, easier to maintain and does not require thousands of dollars for replacement parts after half it's life and will NOT be found in the salvage yard like the hybrid electric will be after the owner becomes tired of the endless and excessive costs of operation."

"The Hydrogen Hybrid is well based, tested and out performing everything else in the automotive market. I've seen the future and this is it!"

And there is much more research going on ... much of it private information because companies are looking to compete in the market place. But we have come up with a product that is far superior than any other on the market.

"My Optimizer works GREAT! I just checked the gas mileage on my Escalade and I'm getting a whopping 53 MPG!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"

~ Tommy S. - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

How it Works

In laymen's terms ... First, electrical energy from your alternator (about 15 amps) is converted to a proprietary Pulse Width Modulated signal by the Power Conditioner. Then that signal is applied to the electrodes in the Reactive Compound Refractor

The electrical charge dissociates the bond between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms (the chemical formula for water is H2O - 2 parts Hydrogen, 1 part Oxygen) and creates a gas known as Brown's Gas or HHO. This is a widely known effect and has been made famous by Yull Brown.

Now this HHO gas is sucked into the engine's air intake by the vacuum created by the combustion process. The HHO gas and normal fuel are injected into the the combustion chamber ... then during the ignition phase, the spark plug ignites the hydrogen (hydrogen ignites faster than gasoline or diesel vapor) and then in turn fully ignites the conventional fuel (without the water fuel cell only about 50% is ignited).

At the same time our Oxyisolator fools your MAF or MAP sensor into thinking there is less oxygen in the exhaust. The computer in your car will normally try to dump more fuel because it senses a higher level of oxygen ... our Oxyisolator  harmlessly compensates for this and tells it that less oxygen is present; therefore, less fuel is injected (about 50% less) and you get more bang for your buck. 

You can actually fine tune the air/fuel ratio with our electronic MAF/MAP Signal Manipulator  for maximum efficiency yourself .. complete instructions come with the 3T Hybrid system.

But this is only the main component to our system ... this combined with proper inflation of your tires and our recommended driving tips will dramatically improve your gas mileage up to 100% ... let me make that clear ... that's potentially doubling your current fuel mileage!

"I don't know the exact mileage I'm getting now but I used to get around 250 miles to a tank full of gas. I just filled my tank and the trip counter says 398 miles! All I can say is WOW!"

~ Katherine A. - Midwest City, Oklahoma

Why Our System is the Best on the Market

Other companies sell inferior products, some are home made with glass jars, others need harmful chemicals like potassium hydroxide (KOH), sodium hydroxide (Lye) or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as electrolyte. They need these chemicals to work ... ours does not. 

I can't emphasize the importance of using inferior products that require the use of chemicals. In each case they can be harmful to your engine, possibly eating away at the parts and gaskets. 

Other chemicals can be dangerous to you and your family's health. For example, a by-product of using baking soda as an electrolyte is carbon monoxide. This is the stuff that kills people when they run a car in a garage and inhale the fumes ... except in this case you don't have irritable fumes that let you know it's bad ... because carbon monoxide by itself is odorless!

Still other systems can produce less than half of the HHO gas that our's does for about the same amperage and cost. Our 3T Hybrid produces 193 Liters per Hour (3.21 Lpm) ... a similar competitor sells an equivalent model that only produces 75 Liters per Hour.

We express our HHO gas output in "Liters per Minute" while the competitors talk about "Liters per Hour". 

"...That should tell you there is a BIG difference
 in our technology and quality.

In addition, our system is a complete system not just an electrolyzer. Our system is unique, proprietary and a patent pending technology that we believe is the best on the market ... period.

I have just received the wiring harness and control panel I ordered. I've been experimenting with HOH for a long time and thought I would try out one of your products.

I really like your safety features you've built into this. I never really thought of a safety shut down circuit but I can tell your company is on top of it's game. The idea of making sure the system is shut off in case of a wreck or a stalled engine is great. And I like the O2 monitor meter. I use it on a seperate O2 sensor that is not hooked up to the cars computer. This helps me monitor my Air/Fuel Mix. Another great idea!

I had planned on building my own auto refill system but after looking at your harness and controls, I think I'll order yours instead. If it has the same workmanship and engineering behind it as did your other products, I can't go wrong. Thanks!
~ Roger Maynard - Seattle, WA

It Pays for Itself

While I realize that cost is an issue, I'm sure that you will agree that with a 50 - 100% in fuel efficiency, especially with the current gas prices, your water fuel cell will pay for itself in a short time. 

The chart below illustrates the amount of savings that you can realize at a conservative 50% increase in fuel mileage over the lifetime of a vehicle (even though you can easily install it on a 2nd vehicle or see greater than a 50% fuel mileage improvement).

*Assumes a 50% in fuel savings and 150,000 mile life of vehicle

While we could easily charge thousands of dollars for this system because it will save you so much money ... we are selling it for a fraction of what it is worth. How soon this system will pay for itself depends on where your current vehicle fits in the chart above.

Also, consider how much it costs to maintain your vehicle in oil changes and tune ups. Roughly, the 3T Hybrid can cut those costs in half.

As Americans we have taken for granted the dirt cheap prices of fuel for all these years and even thought of it as our right. But just demanding it may do little as it is controlled by forces largely beyond our control (until now...). 

"Most analysts believe the we will never see cheap gas prices again and that they will continue to rise in the future..."

Many factors are involved, the supply-and-demand as 3rd world countries like China and India come online demanding more and more oil ... the falling US Dollar ... speculation ... environmental constraints ... among some of the biggest factors.

However, some analysts believe that if we can conserve just 10% of our oil consumption we can help bring down the oil prices. This effectively decreases our demand for foreign oil and increases the supply of oil on the market ... thus, decreasing the price of oil.

And water fuel cell technology may be the best solution right now to help Americans conserve our oil consumption by 10% or more ...!

I would like to tell you how you can be a part of the solution by getting your own 3T Hybrid  for yourself but first I would like to take this opportunity to tell you another advantage of hydrogen-on-demand technology ...

It's Safer than Gasoline

Some people think that this technology is dangerous. Actually it's when you store hydrogen that it becomes dangerous because your are basically sitting on a bomb. This system uses hydrogen as it is produced ... on-demand.

And, because hydrogen is lighter than air, it quickly dissipates in the air; whereas, gasoline accumulates on the ground where it can be ignited. In addition, gasoline has a lower ignition temperature than hydrogen.

There was a time when there were opponents to the use of gasoline as a fuel when combustion engines first came out. They believed that we would all die in fiery crashes the first time we had a fender bender. 

Sometimes new technology that the masses don't understand can scare them  ... with hydrogen-on-demand you and your family will actually be safer than just using gasoline alone.

This Week You Could be Paying Less

You now know the secret that the oil cartel has been hiding from you for over 30 years and you can do your part to help shed light on this dirty little secret to other hard-working Americans ... one way you can do that is by sending them to this website.

But don't stop there ... be a part of the solution, get our 3T Hybrid and start sticking it to "the man" today! The sooner you get this system the sooner you will start saving at the pump and paying less to the foreign dictatorships who wish us harm.

Remember, with our 3T Hybrid you will be smiling with deep satisfaction as you keep driving past the gas station again and again ... while at the same time enjoying increased power and acceleration when you need it.

All the while you know that you are doing good to your engine by keeping it clean and extending it's life while at the same time you will be doing your part of cleaning the environment for our generation and future generations.

And our 3T Hybrid is the only product of it's type on the market that will not harm your engine in anyway and is the absolute safest for you and your family.

In addition, we strive to buy all our parts and manufacture the final products in the good-ole USA. This effectively helps keep jobs in the United States as well as ensures that all of our products and materials are of the highest quality available. We are Pro-USA!

Order our 3T Hybrid today for your gasoline or diesel engine and we will guarantee the price of $2,000 $1,200 and we will process and ship it ASAP.

Note: We can only guarantee this price if you order by . Because the cost of materials are escalating almost every day due to the increases of fuel and manufacturing.

What You will Get

You will get our complete all-in-one system ... everything that you need to immediately start seeing savings at the fuel pump. 

You will get the 15 amp Reactive Compound Refractor, accumulator, auto-refill system with bi-level sensors, the Power Conditioner, Display Panel with Amp Meter, O2 Air Fuel Sensor Monitor, Oxyisolator, MAF/MAP Signal Manipulator and water level sensors, wiring harness, Digital Multi-Meter, all miscellaneous hardware and complete, fool-proof instructions.

3T Hybrid System

This System also Includes these Items

Power Conditioner


Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The 3T Hybrid is not only fully guaranteed for materials and workmanship ... But you must be fully satisfied with the product - or you may return it for a full refund (less shipping costs). Isn't that fair?



Order Now!


P.S. If you are serious about getting 50% - 100% more miles per gallon ... improving performance ... cleaning your engine while extending it's life ... help bring down the cost of fuel ... stop funding terrorism ... and help clean the environment - this is a win - win - win proposition.

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